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Just a reminder, If you plan on changing your Medicare Part D insurance you must do so between
October 15, 2015 until  December 7, 2015
After December 7, 2015 YOU ARE TOO LATE!

If you turn 65 or become eligible for Medicare outside of the Annual Coordinated Election Period, you have a seven (7) month window in which to enroll in the current year's plan (2013) and avoid any possible penalties:
- the three (3) months before the month of your eligibility (for instance, your Birthday month) - the month of your eligibility (e.g. the month you turn 65)

and, the three (3) months after the month you become eligible for Medicare (again, three months after your Birthday month)-.

If you are on Medicare and have not YET enrolled in a Medicare Part D Prescription Plan click on the banner.
For those enrolling for the first time you may do so at any time during the year. Remember, Medicare assesses a penalty
for those who choose to wait. Advice ... don't wait!
If you already have Medicare part D Prescription coverage and you wish to change your coverage you may do so from October 15
through December 7 of each year. If you have found yourself falling into the "doughnut hole or gap" you should look at
coverage that insures you through that period. It may cost a little more BUT consider it paying yourself!
Remember, the earlier you make the change the quicker you get your card!!! IF you
wait until the last minute your coverage might lapse for a short period!!!! If you make a change BE SURE TO PRESENT

In an effort to help you understand the entry - exit points of the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole" refer to the taxt and charts below.

Below are BRAND NAME drugs!!!

Below are GENERIC drugs!!!

When you are in the area please free to drop by and meet our staff! 

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